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As foreshadowed by Guardian Australia on Monday, parliaments human rights committee tabled a bipartisan report after a three-month public inquiry floating 22 reform options for the Turnbull government to consider but the new report stops short of making specific recommendations on legislative reform, because the committee members could not reach consensus. The lack of a settled roadmap in the report tabled on Tuesday afternoon puts the ball firmly back in the prime ministers court, and will ensure the rolling controversy over the Racial Discrimination Act returns both to the cabinet and the Coalition party room for a third significant phase of debate. The lack of resolution comes at a time when internal sensitivities inside the government are high courtesy of concerns about a drift in core Coalition support to One Nation, and Tony Abbotts recent call , ramping up the internal culture war, for the government to woo back its conservative base with a pledge to abolish the Australian Human Rights Commission. Related: Report on free speech recommends fixing Racial Discrimination Act complaints process as it happened Immediately after the tabling of the report, Liberal moderates and rightwingers resumed their respective campaigns to either overhaul 18C or to limit any changes to the current regime to procedural changes. The Liberal senator James Paterson, a Victorian rightwinger who favours significant legislative change, and was a member of the committee conducting the inquiry, said Tuesdays report was a big step forward on reforming 18C. There is now bipartisan consensus that the status quo must change. Everyone agrees that at the very least, the Human Rights Commission processes have failed and need to be overhauled, Paterson said after the report was tabled. Many committee members, myself included, also feel that 18C itself must be reformed to better protect free speech. Its now up to the government to decide exactly which path to take, but my view is that the words offend, insult and humiliate should be removed from 18C and be replaced by harass. 18D should also be reformed to bring it into line with defamation law by including a truth defence. This view was contradicted by New South Wales moderate MP Julian Leeser also a member of the human rights committee who hailed the report as the first path forwards on fixing the problems surrounding section 18C and resolving this debate.